Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Webster Craft UK Distributers of Sulky Transfer Pens

Sulky Transfer Pens
TRACE ------ COLOUR -------IRON-ON
Webster Craft UK distributers of Sulky Transfer Pens.
For best results use tracing paper as this will give sharper colour to your transfers. Use a lightbox if you have one as it makes tracing easier. Although, you should be able to see the design outlines through the tracing paper. Shake the pen before use. Practice on the flower outline below. You don’t have to make the whole transfer, try just a section. Flower design below is a free pattern when you buy the pack of 8 transfer pens. Here's how it's done.

1.      Place the photocopy  pattern on a flat surface or lightbox and place the tracing paper over the pattern. Tape the corners in place.

2.      Shake the black pen, and gently press the nip on a scrap piece of paper to start the ink flow.

3.      Trace all the black outlines first. DO NOT press on too hard, be gentle with the pens.

4.      If making the practice flower below. Fill in the yellow petals leaving gaps of white areas (unfiled areas) This creates shading.

5.      Use the green pen for the leaves to fill in.

6.      Use dots in the flower centres, use the pen like you were making lots of full stops, this creates a look of pollen on the flower centre.

7.      Follow instructions on the black pen card packaging for how to iron on to fabric.