Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Unique Slate Art by Artist Keely Webster keelee

Exquisite and unique slate designs By artist Keely Webster. (Keelee)

Keely has a merit degree in fine art, her fine art drawing are detailed, brilliant and real life as pictured left is a true image captured by the artist of a real child, holding out his tiny hand, begging on the streets of India, his photograph appeared in a newspaper and the artist Keely, also known as KEELEE sketched in pencil the sad and shocking reality of this small child's fate. The artist dreams of a better day for him, the words in the background express her deep distress, the boy is close to death.

This reproduction slate will be available soon in Webster Craft ebay store as a charity item 50% proceeds to SAVE THE CHILDREN via ebay Mission Fish Charity.

It takes many skills of the artist work to create such a lovely masterpiece, each one is hand crafted, the design is taken from a laser duplicate and is part hand painted over to give a textured feel. It's encapsulated in a safe, non toxic, waterproof resin, making it water resistant. Available at