Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Webster Craft Photo Magic Transfer Image Medium

Make your own unique designer t-shirts, promotional items, bags and more using Webster Craft's Photo Magic Image Transfer Medium.
Good news is, your original photograph isn't harmed because you're using a photocopy of your picture. It could be a picture of your dog, favourite movie star or rock band. It's great to use Photo Magic for making promotional t-shirts or even a celebration night out with a picture of the event or birthday person on your t-shirts. Or maybe it's a hen night.
How does it work?
For best results use a laser photocopy available from your local print shop or library. Simple coat the photocopy with photo magic medium and place it face down on your t-shirt (being careful to place it correctly) Smooth out any air bubbles, leave to dry 8 hours or over night. Once dry use a wet sponge to remove the paper and you're left with the image clearly printed to your t-shirt. Easy !
The picture I've use of Marilyn Monroe has been transferred to a plain black bag and I've use a permanent red fabric pen to paint her lips red. This has made a stunning impact to the original picture. Note: Most old pictures like this one are commercially available and are not subject to copyright, please check before you use pictures obtained from books or the Internet as they may be subject to copyright. Please always get permission to use pictures if you are not sure if it is copyright. Click on the link below to see more products like this in our ebay store.