Tuesday, 9 October 2007

Punch Craft & Glass Beads (New crafting Innovation)

Innovative, beautiful punch embroidery made easy.
Punch Craft & Glass Beads. I've never seen this kind of bead work before, (please correct me if I'm wrong) I was looking at ways to make Punch Craft more interesting and I started just punching around the edges of the grapes design. I then filled in the centres of the grapes and leaves with Webster's washable glue, I them sprinkled, clear, no hole tiny glass beads onto the glue. The result was beautiful, the beads are reflective under light and the fact that they are glued within the spaces of the punch craft embroidery loops, makes the design look very 3 dimensional, unusual and expensive. Also looks fantastic on cards (design cut out as an applique and glued on)
I took this idea to the NEC Hobbycraft show and the response was amazing, customers thought the tiny beads had been sewn on, no I said "I like crafts to be quick, simple and easy"